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Android X86: The Alpha Build to install Android 4.3 on your PC

For some time, the Android X86 project has been in the shadow of the mobile operating system from Google. So generally, the X86 needed a few months after the appearance of a new version to be unveiled, this time, the team did not wait long to take their first tests on the build ‘to Android 4.3, and, even before the July 2012 Nexus will have its official update. It is only a test build that can be considered “alpha” in the best case. The project X86 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was made ​​in the details, but it still has a number of problems to solve before we can say that the tests are inconclusive.

To start with the good news, the image is easy to use, it will start and run as a real disk and installed directly on the hard disk as would previous versions. The core (kernel) of the device has been updated to the 3.10.2 version, which means that the number of supported hardware has increased among these include the use of the touch screen, sound, WiFi, integrated webcam and physical and bluetooth keyboard support, which was missing in previous versions. Open GL ES has been updated with respect to the 9.2-dev branch, with the addition of a translation support.

Not so good news, according to the suspension and recovery does not work according to what has been reported, but some users use the Fn key to close this gap. Another appears to lack the accelerometer but it can go unnoticed for PC users. The build is still very fast and shows no wait time in its use. The Sore Play comes with a wider range of applications available, some will not necessarily work with Google Plus which is an exception.

By installing an old stored on Dropbox version, it was found that this version worked fine and the new one does not have to work so hard too. Youtube works perfectly as compared to that of the previous version. The wallpaper is still problematic and often displays screens of bugs in the graphical display. Some texts may be missing when you go through the installation wizard. This is for example the case when using WordPressTry to build yourself or to obtain more precise information on the source of the ILM project, we need to go to the information page of the X86 android 4.3 project . After downloading the image, you can create USB startup key with Unetbootin or through the use of a virtual machine. Before a test on a PC outside the VM, it is highly advisable to do a test using it directly as a disk. The current version is not stable yet, but we hope that the pace of development is maintained and that we will soon be in the hands of the more stable versions.

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