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Windows 8.1 will be available to PC manufacturers in the month of August

The update of the Microsoft OS, Windows 8.1 , will arrive in the hands of PC manufacturers from August, reports All Things D.Microsoft made ​​the announcement at the Worldwide Partner Conference, a conference dedicated to the partners of technology giant, noting that this is the right time to include it on computers with Windows 8, and just before the period holiday season.

Speaking at the WPC, Tami Reller, vice president and chief marketing officer for Windows, said Microsoft would provide version RTM (Release to Manufacturing ) of Windows 8.1 for manufacturers by the end of August . Microsoft has however not mentioned how when Windows 8.1 was released to consumers in its final version, but the release suggests that Microsoft should be on track to ship from October.

As we already knew, this update is free and includes a bunch of fixes for all the problems that people have with Windows 8. If it provides many features, such as the return of the famous Start button, or the ability to run desktop mode rather than the traditional hospitality of Windows 8 start screen of your computer, this update n is not exactly a revolution.

Windows 8.1 will be available to PC manufacturers in the month of August

Indeed, despite its strong improvements, Windows 8.1 did not fully subsided or resolved that Windows 8 is … weird . If Windows 8.1 is a worthy upgrade and welcome, it does not come to revolutionize the Microsoft ecosystem and is not so perfect, it does not just fix all the defects of his ancestor.

Anyway, this is an effort on the part of Microsoft that listening to consumer complaints while trying to gradually improve the design of the OS seems to disappoint.

WPC Microsoft, as its name suggests, is the chance to communicate Microsoft’s roadmap for its partners. Microsoft began its partnership program about 20 years ago. According to the CEO, Steve Ballmer, 90% of Microsoft’s revenues are somehow generated by the partners.

Overall, these partners “rather had a good year,” said Steve Ballmer, all of which grew by 6.5% last year, with sales of $ 650 billion.

Finally, Keller also said that Windows 8.1 RTM will be published by the end of August. Last year, manufacturers have access to Windows 8.0 in the first week of August, with a public launch on October 25, which means that Microsoft will launch Windows 8.1 for consumers, in its final version before that date .

The number of tests that Microsoft must do to push Windows 8.1 is not clear, but the list of features that Microsoft is adding is huge. The update is now available for download as a preview, which will give us a taste of how it will work, and it also happen in the Windows Store. If you’re the type to not complaining about the fact to test the latest version of the operating system and all possible bugs, so I can only recommend you to test it.

Have you tested it? What did you think?

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